the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

Archaeology of the three-hole pipe

12th century pipe in exhibition at Sheremetev Palace in St. Petersburg

[A newspaper article is reproduced below, in translation, as the original article is not always available]

Pskov pipe XII century sent to the exhibition Sheremetev Palace in St. Petersburg 24/05/2007

Several archaeological finds of last season, as well as items from the sector for temporary storage of the Pskov Museum in the exhibit "Archaeology of Music”, which opened in St. Petersburg.  

One of the interesting finds of archaeologists Pskov is a wooden flute which has never been exhibited before. As explained by Elena Salmina, the state of the wood is unstable and flute specialists from the Hermitage are now working on it's restoration.   "The value of this finding is that to date this is the first instance of an in strument of this type from excavations in Russia" said Elena Salmina.

Major exhibits were brought from Novgorod and Ladoga are presented and Ryazan.  The Pskov Archaeological Centre sent to the exhibition a bone flute (XII century), a bone peg stringed instrument (XV century) fragments of wooden whistles, ceramic whistles XV-XIX centuries, bronze bells and chimes.

This exhibition is only open on a temporary basis for the summer months, but museum workers are planning a permanent exhibition in a few years time on "music archaeology", the prelude of which is this exhibition "Archaeology of Music."

Source:  Pskov Top News as reported in an interview with the Pskov News Feeds Fellow at Pskov Archeological Center, Elena Salmina. The exhibition is housed in the Palace Sheremetyevo (a branch of the Museum of Theatre Arts and Music).

Three-hole wood pipe found in Novgorod, Russia.

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