the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

UK history: Over one century of the panpipes and tabor

All these images are copyright.
The majority are extracts from larger pictures and prints. Links to originals are given, where possible. If you have any more information on any of these images, or you are the copyright holder and I have not managed to get in touch with you, please do let me know.


page 3 - late Victorian

18521852 sketch by Charles James Lewis painting, playing for acrobats 1858 1859 Londonoutdoor music 1859
playing for acrobats 186010114159 1860's photograph1860's photograph Victorianfor puppet show
playing for Punch and Judy c 1860 'The Punch and Judy Show'
by T Webster mid-Victorian
playing for street acrobats 1861 10221908
1862 newspaper cutting describing Catan Hill Fair1862 newspaper cuttingWest Surrey Times - Saturday 04 October 1862

1880 newspaper commentary 1880Eastbourne Chronicle - Saturday 14 February 1880

1884 1884London Evening Standard - Thursday 28 August 1884
VictorianVictorian painting for Punch and Judy
by Sarah Louisa Kilpack
puppet booth 1860's
pot lid, Mayday dancers at the Swan Inn 1860
with Punch and Judy 1860's 'Punch and Judy' by EC Williams
with Punch and Judy 1860's
one-man-band (mouth-organ?) 1865 with fantoccini 1869 playing for street juggling c.1870
Punch and Judy Christmas card 1870's Mulready, date not known with Punch and Judy 1874
with dancing dog 1876 Punch and Judy 1879 Punch and Judy 1880
Punch and Judy 188010067614 1880 Ireland
Punch and Toby 1880
with Punch and Judy 1883 1-man band MEPL 10115751 mouth organ & drum? 1887
with Punch and Judy 1889 with Punch and Toby no date with Jack in the Green date?
Dogs in place of humansVictorian dogs postcard Punch and Judy postcard 1883  
no details given in a travelling fair by G Green playing for escapologist 1894 10114463

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