the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

England: Over one century of the panpipes and tabor

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page 4 - 1890's and 20th century


one-man band 1890
with Punch in a drawing room 1890
magic family show with Punch and Judy 1900
with dancing bear childrens' cartoon
1890 game1890 Punch and Judy game one-man-band
early 20th century

EdwardianEdwardian for Punch and Judy

Codling and ShortCodling and Short Punch and Judy for Punch and Judyfor Punch and Judy with Punch and Toby c.1900
one-man-band, Whitby, 1900 19001900-1940 Netherlands
for Punch and Judy
with Punch and Judy on beach 1905 seaside postcard 1908 Punch and Judy 1911

used by 'Bimbo the Bottler' made 1912
puppet booth painting 1913

1913 comment by an authority on music that pan-pipes are relegated to the Punch and Judy man in England

‘Story of the Flute’ by MaCaulay Fitzgibbon

Punch and Judy, Margate beach 1930 1930's Punch and Judy at Morecombe 1930's   early 20th centuryUntil only a short time before his death Richard Codman, son of the founder of the show, could be seen outside the booth in Liverpool, with pandean pipes and drum
19321932Londonderry Sentinel - Thursday 18 February 1932
  with Punch and Judy
20th century
Punch and Judy poster 1943
puppet booth 1943 Greece
early20thc early20thc 1930's stick pin
one-man-band figureine reconstruction Punch and Judy toy theatre 1998 one-man-band late 20th c. book cover 2011

for more information:
Spaeight , George1970, 'Punch and Judy - A history'
Spaeight , George 1980, 'A History of the Circus', London : Tantivy Press

Punch and Judy Fellowship
Punch and Judy College of Professors
Punch and Judy on the web

Jack in the Green in the Thames Valley

There does not appear to be a website devoted to the panpipe and tabor in the UK.

If you are interested to know more, Frances gives talks; the list includes a talk on the pandean pipes and tabor.

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