the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

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Bromholm Psalter

Exultate Deo initial of the Bromholm Psalter   (c. 1325):
[Oxford,] Bodleian [Library,] MS Ashmole 1523, f. 99. PLATE III between pp. 87 and 88

Bromholm Priory was founded in 1113. The Priory became rich due to a cross that they had made from fragments of the 'real cross' brought to England in 1223.


Bodleian Library catalogue details:
MS. Ashmole 1523
Type of object: Manuscript
Material: Parchment
Title text: The Bromholm Psalter'.
Country or nationality of origin: English
Place of origin: East Anglia
Date: 14th century, beginning
Folio or page no.: fol. 099r
Image description:
Detail. Pipe and tabor, psaltery played with fingers, oval fiddle, trumpet.
Roll title: Music (Instruments).
Roll #: 137
Frame #: 15


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