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the Pipe and Tabor compendium

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Double pipes, or two pipes played at the same time, are found in sculptures, paintings, stained glass, religious manuscripts and archaeology dating back into pre-history, right up to the present day. Sometimes the two pipes are exactly the same; other images show two slightly different shapes, one playing the tune and the other a drone pipe.

It is impossible to see the mouth-piece on some of these images: some may be duct flutes, others may have single or double reeds or be trumpets. If you have information on the mouth-piece of any of these instruments I would be grateful to know.

I have not included images where it is definately not a variety of duct-flute without keys. Around 1810 an English instrument maker, William Bainbridge, patented a keyed double flageolet which consisted of two English flageolets joined together so that the player could harmonise the tunes that s/he played. Flageolets are therefore not included here.

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Arabic countries
945-525BC statuette Egypt
945-525BC statuette Egypt
900-700BC box, Lebanon
900BC statuette Egypt

8th c BC Syria 8th-6th BC Pheonicia
150BC Iraq (with drum)
200AD south Iraq

modern dwojnica
Svirel, Russia
2 different lengths



Maya style, Mesoamerica
double native American
Mexico (sound)
Tipolo nose flutes, Taiwan

Ney, China (brought from Egypt)

cane pipes with horn bell
India and area
2nd c, India
Satara, India (probably reeded pipes)
2nd-3rd century NW Frontier, Pakistan
double flute, one pipe a drone
video by langa community,
here and here
21st century
Algoza (double flute of Rajasthan), video duet        

1975 doneli Baluchistan, Pakistan/Iran/Afganistan
another doneli [ two separate pipes, one a drone]



not known
21st century desert



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