the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

Europe decorative arts

ape players iconography






Apes and monkeys, ( there was no distinction between the two), were depicted playing the pipe and tabor from the earliest images onwards. These, and imaginative hybrid animals (also known as grotesques), were gentle satires depicting monkeys 'aping' many traits in human nature, the good and not-so-good.

c 1300
c.1310 Cologne Cathedral, Germany
1338-44 manuscript Flanders, Belgium
1425-50 enamelled glass goblet, Belgium mid 15thc manuscript, England 1470-90 print Italy      
14701470 manuscript Bruges, Belgium
c1480 manuscript France
medieval possiblepossible medieval player
1509 manuscript
1520-30 manuscript, England
1531-48, carved wood, Belgium
1610 print
1737 painting on wood, France
1771 satirical print, England
18th century18th century France
18th century18th century painting
17421742 original drawing France
17601760 marquetry table France        
18th century
ape player
18th century copyFrance


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