the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

World history: pipe and 'other' gallery

[interpretaion of some of these images is not straight-forward; authorities differ in their opinions]
pipe and bones: 11th-16thc, Panama
Metropolitan Museum of Art



pipe and bones: mid 15thc, Sweden

Roman statue playing the bones


pipe and bones video

bladder pipe and bonesbladder pipe and bones
750-1550 Costa Rica750-1550 gold pendant, pipe and rattle
Costa Rica Chiriqui culture
Panamapipe and rattle: Veraguas culture
800-1540AD, Panama
pipe and rattle11th - 16th century, gold pendant
Western Panama, Veraguas-Gran
Chiriquí Style
pipe and rattle11th-16th century, Chiriqui,, gold pendant; pipe and rattle
pendant800-1200 Costa Rica gold pendant      
MayaMaya, South America MayaMaya, South America MayaMaya, South America     MayaMaya, South America; these look like flutes rather than pipes
Maya dancerMaya, South America   rattle, Mexico500 BCE-500 AD double rattle
west coast Mexico
12th century France12th century pipe and rattle
Anzy-le-Duc, France
pipe and rattle possiblypipe and rattle, possibly, Navarre, Spain 16th centuryrecorder in one hand, rattle? in other:
1531 by Romanino, Italy
14071407 Siena, Italy pipe and triangle
1490 manuscript pipe and triangle, Milan, Italy 1490 with triangle

1500 Italy1500-1502 Lombardy, Italy
1580 angel1580 Italian handIs this castanets?
18071807 pipe and harp, France   France pipe and finger cymbals
3-string lyrepipe and 3-string lyre
Christmaspipe and tambourine
pipe and park bench   2008 Project Manager2008 playing various rattles with pipe -
your project manager
Taborers symposium 2021Taborers Symposium 2021 pipe and hurdy gurdy,
pipe and bells Japanpipe and Japanese traditional instrument 2021 Spain2021 Alcobendas, Spain
Juanma Sanchez  playing vulture bone tabor pipe and a set of goat bells

pipe and double bass2021Jonathan Jensen playing pipe and double bass

20212021 Juanma Sanchez playing pipe and melodeon 20212021
Miho Kuno pipe and tambourine
20222022 pipe and bones in Australia
harp and bellharp and bell
British Library



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