the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

history: associated pipes

one-handed pipe

It is not always obvious which type of pipe is being played in some of the iconography.


Greek/Roman lead figureGreek/Roman lead figure
11th century Catalonia, Spain11th century Catalonia, Spain 14th - 16th century Cyprus14th - 16th century Cyprus
14081408 France
1410 Mercury1410-1414 Paris, France, Mercury playing double pipes France, stone carvingFrance, stone carving  
1410-201410-20 player and Mercury 1415 Belgium1415 Belgium 14181418 Paris, France shepherd France1418-1425 shepherd
France f.85v
14301430 pipe and hobby-horse
The Hague, Netherlands
14301430 shepherd, playing for dancing, France
shepherd1440 shepherd playing for dancing, Belgium

14501450 shepherd playing for dancing, Belgium

15th century15th century, France

14801480 Netherlands shepherd

1459 angel player1459 Florence, Italy 15th centurylate 15th century Bruges, Belgium page xi
tarot card1470-80 Tarot card 'Poetry'
15th century Flanders
15th century, Mercury
Tarot card MercuryTarot card, Mercury
15111511 female player, Tours, France 15111511 female player in a prayer book, France 15171517 Germany
15441544-1552 Basel, Switzerland
1600-1625 Italy1600-1625 Italy, putti on cloud
MadridRoyal Palace of Madrid, Spain
player[unknown] playing for dancing[unknown]
putti1753 Helmstädt, Germany
book frontispiece
early 19th centuryearly 19th century France 19001900 child with pipe and hobby-horse
by Hans Boesch, Germany
1900 France1900 'dancing faun' Luxemburg Gardens
Paris, France
Dance of Death Images
Ausburger15th century Augsburger, Bavaria, Germany
14401440 The Doctor, Switzerland 1448-53 Bern Cathedral, Switzerland    
EmperorThe Emperor
Wellcome Library, London 
1617 young man1617 The Young man 1825 young man1825-1851 The Young Man
Salzbergen, Germany Tyrol Austria1830 Martinskapelle (chapel of Saint Martin), Elbigenalp, Tyrol, Austria  

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