the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

associated pipes

one-handed pipe

It is not always obvious which type of pipe is being played in some of the iconography.


14081408 France 1410 Mercury1410-1414 Paris, France, Mercury playing double pipes
1410-201410-20 player and Mercury 14181418 Paris, France
14301430 pipe and hobby-horse
The Hague, Netherlands
14301430 shepherd, playing for dancing, France shepherd France1418-1425 shepherd France f.85v shepherd1440 shepherd playing for dancing, Belgium

14501450 shepherd playing for dancing, Belgium

15th centurylate 15th century Bruges, Belgium page xi  
tarot card1470-80 Tarot card 'Poetry'
15th century Flanders
15th century, Mercury
Tarot card MercuryTarot card, Mercury
15111511 female player, Tours, France 15111511 female player in a prayer book, France 15171517 Germany
15441544-1552 Basel, Switzerland
15th century15th century, France
player[unknown] playing for dancing[unknown]

putti1753 Helmstädt, Germany, book frontispiece

Dance of Death Images
Ausburger15th century Augsburger, Bavaria, Germany
14401440 The Doctor, Switzerland 1448-53 Bern Cathedral, Switzerland    
EmperorThe Emperor
Wellcome Library, London 
1617 young man1617 The Young man 1825 young man1825-1851 The Young Man
Salzbergen, Germany Tyrol Austria1830 Martinskapelle (chapel of Saint Martin), Elbigenalp, Tyrol, Austria  

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