the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

Europe decorative arts

interior design

household items
1500 Lubeck, Germany: 'On the broad side of the larger silver knife of a set of daggers there is a minstrel with a one-handed flute and a drum, accompanied by a dancing dog. Length of the knife: 17 cm.'
unknown1500 underside of plate, Holland

vase 1759-68
Bowes Museum

1770's China1770's China, cup and saucer

print 1792 "A French family"
British Museum

mug 1800 -"A French family"
V&A Museum

vase 1770
V&A Museum


plate centre 1789
drum, 2 sticks and wind instrument?
18th century plate centre18th century plate centre, France 1745-491745-49 plate decoration
ivoryivory, band member statuette
south Germany
date unknown statuetteunknown statuette  
no drumstick clockormolu clock date unknown
early 19th century clockearly 19th century clock clock clock late Victorian

19th century clock19th century clock France

19th century clock19th century clock, France
19th century
clockclock missing pipe
19th centurydate unknown clockclock missing pipe and drum-stick  
  14th cenrtury1350-1370 leather-covered casket ,Netherlands 1350-1370casket lid
  playerdate unknown leather boxleather-covered box [thanks to Terry Carter]
statuette FranceVictorian statuette, France 17611761 snuffbox lid, France  
wall decoration
tile vignette 1753
3-hole pipe (possibly)

18th century tilestiles 18th c.

tiles 1755-60
Portugal, V&A

ceramic tile 1770, Liverpool
British Museum

tiletile Catalonia, Spain
18th century tile18th century tile Catalonia

tiletile Catalonia

wall stucco decoration 18th c.
private house, Gloucestershire

wall stucco 1753
Christ Church Library, Oxford


wall painting 1737 France
[for other monkey paintings see
'ape iconography']

1790-18001790-1800 wallpaper, France

18th century automota
devised by Vaucanson  
18th century18th century automata musical bracket clock: each musician with an articulated arm. London 18th centuryclock face player  



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