the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

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Europe history: street entertainers

dancing bear

13th century France13th century France
12801280 - 1290 France
1338-1344 Flanders, Belgium

1796 a Masquerade Ball was held at “Orchardley-House, near Frome, (England) at which near 200 persons were present, dressed in various fancy characters ....The principal characters were, a Dancing Bear, led by his Keeper playing on the tabor and pipe;”

Ipswich Journal - Saturday 24 December 1796

1794 England
early 19thc
1804-1815 France1804-15 France
1808 1808Leeds Intelligencer - Monday 25 January 1808  
1812 Grand Masquerade at Vauxhall, London 1812Star (London) - Tuesday 21 July 1812  
1822 England

dancing bear 1828 England

Victorian1823 satire - 'Gentleman Dancing Master' 18241824 Germany  
18281828 London

dancing bear 1831 England

1833 France 1833
dancing bear 1839 with pandean pipesVictorian, with pandean pipes Hollandearly 19th century, Holland
Crimean War1850's England 1870 Russia1870 Russia [NYPL] Victorian dance musicVictorian dance music cover 'The Bear's Dance'
1838 ‘Cloaks versus Great Coats’1838Planet - Sunday 11 March 1838  
1845 ‘A Bear Steak’ 1845Hogg’s Weekly Instructor quoted Monday 15 December 1845  
1846 as a metaphor: 1846Monmouthshire Beacon - Saturday 07 November 1846  

Brother Bruin by Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)
A dancing Bear grotesque and funny
Earned for his master heaps of money,
Gruff yet good-natured, fond of honey,
And cheerful if the day was sunny.
Past hedge and ditch, past pond and wood
He tramped, and on some common stood;
There, cottage children circling gaily,
He in their midmost footed daily.
Pandean pipes and drum and muzzle
Were quite enough his brain to puzzle: ...

1872 bear training - [not for the sensitive and animal lovers ] 1872 bear training  
dacning bear, SpainSpain Victorian illustrationVictorian children's illustration, France  
1876 A dancing bear is often used to portray Russia:1876Broad Arrow - Saturday 15 January 1876
bear player20th century, USA
dancing bear20th century England dancing bear20th century England

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