the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

Europe history: Street entertainers

marionettes and jig dolls

examples of the little figures used by pipe and tabor players over the centuries to entertain the general public in town and country.


France France, Provence 18th century France18th century Italy
1797 1804 1810


1815 1820 1822
Victorian1823 satire - 'Gentleman Dancing Master' 1826
marionettesnot known    
1828 newspaper cutting of court casenewspaper cutting of court case - Star (London) - Saturday 15 November 1828

Wellington 1829 satire

1830 Germany1830 Germany
1830-46 France
1835 1840 Mary Evans Picture Library 1840 copy1840 France, copy

early Victorianearly Victorian Germany

marionettesnot known VictorianVictorian
1820-60 France Victorian hollandmid Victorian, Holland New York
late 19th century France FranceFrance Lantern SlideVictorian lantern slide [detail]
late 19th centurylate 19th century France    
French oil paintingFrench oil painting 1890's statuette 1880-1910 Netherlands1880-1910 Netherlands
  1993 Scotland Charlotte Waites2010 Charlotte Waites
North Carolina, USA
21stcentury New Zealand festival21st century New Zealand festival  



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