the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

England: history of the pipe and tabor

'Regency' (1790-1829)


A few interesting titbits that do not fit into any of the other 'Regency' categories

1791 'Country Theatricals' - a letter to the editor regarding Cheltenham Theatre:
“the house is painted and decorated in a style of neat elegance ...Cupid smilingly points his bow, an attendant genius merrily playing the tabor and pipe ...”
October 15th 1791 quoted in Cheltenham Examiner - Wednesday 19 November 1884

1801 Weymouth July 18th
The King and Queen rode to the north Devon camp to review the Staffordshire militia. ..
”  After refreshment the noble visitors were entertained with the enlivening music of the Staffordshire
band, which, accompanied by the merry pipe and tabor, afforded great satisfaction to the Royal Family.”
London Courier and Evening Gazette - Monday 20 July 1801

1801 the Queen visited Weeks Mechanical Museum:18011801 BMorning Chronicle - Tuesday 10 November 1801

1801 'A room decorated to celebrate Peace' 1801Morning Herald (London) - Friday 16 October 1801
1801 Court case 1801Oracle and the Daily Advertiser - Thursday 26 February 1801

1802 essay

“Serpents are affected by music ; and they will raise and twill themselves with every variety
of lively motion, to the pipe and tabor.”

‘The Anatomy of the Human Body’ by Bell, John, Bell, Charles, Sir

1809 'Jubilee Reminiscences and Old Tokens' entry ticket: 1809from 1887 Letter to the Editor in Isle of Wight County Press and South of England Reporter - Saturday 21 May 1887
1806 India: advertised
A sale of goods, imported by ship, on 2nd January 1807 included wine, fabrics, haberdashery
and musical instruments, including a pipe and tabor.
Madras Courier - Wednesday 31 December 1806

1808 Private subscription Masquerade in India: 18081808Government Gazette (India) - Thursday 11 February 1808

1812 Grand Masquerade at Vauxhall, London: a newspaper reporter commented on:
“A Savoyard, with his pipe and tabor, his wife with a tambourine, and a pretty girl, his daughter ...”

Star (London) - Tuesday 21 July 1812

1816 Letter to the Editor:1816The Examiner - Sunday 29 December 1816

1814 Peckham Fair - an order was made to keep the peace:
“The grand camp formed at Camberwell Green ... Unfortunately for the sons and daughters of mirth, the following magisterial mandate was posted at an early hour abou the town :...

whereas the multitude of places for the entertainment of the lower sort of the great cause of thefts and robberies... ;be it enacted, that, room, garden, or other place, kept for public dancing, music, or other entertainment of the like kind in the streets of London and Westminster, or within twenty miles, thereof... A great number of lame musicians, blind sons of Apollo, and other wandering Minstrels... They retreated each with his pipe, oaten read, tabor, oboe, Jews -harp, pedal-hare, etc.

Star (London) - Tuesday 23 August 1814

1816 Letter To the Editor:1816The Examiner - Sunday 29 December 1816

1817 Fete at Princess Elizabeth's Cottage for the nobility and persons of distinction:

1817 room decorationMorning Herald (London) - Wednesday 13 August 1817

1821Town crierStatesman (London) - Monday 23 July 1821
18261826British Press - Saturday 10 June 1826

1829 letter to the Editor:
"Departed spirits of the churn! who saw this devoted town in prosperity, who were wool to hear
the tabor and the pipe gladden the hearts of our peasantry, rise up, and save us from the evils of refinement:"

Cheltenham Journal and Gloucestershire Fashionable Weekly Gazette. - Monday 13 July 1829

1829 Letter to the Editor: 1829Morning Herald (London) - Friday 31 July 1829
1829 1829Morning Herald (London) - Saturday 08 August 1829

1828 Part of the description of the pipe and tabor:

"...They are both used at the same time, the Pipe by the left hand, the Tabor by the right;
and the combined effect is calculated to excite hilarity, and delight the common ear."

‘A musical manual, or, Technical directory : containing full and perspicuous explanations of all the terms, ancient and modern
, used in the harmonic art : descriptions of the various voices and instruments, their powers and characters : with incidental
remarks on the principal excellences of vocal and instrumental composition and performance’ by Busby, Thomas

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