the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

Europe: associated pipes

one-handed pipe, no percussion

Most of the images featuring a pipe played by one hand depict fantasy or mythological stories.
Also it is not always obvious which type of pipe is being played.

Greek/Roman lead figureGreek/Roman lead figure 2nd - 8th century Jordan2nd to 8th century Jordan
618 – 907 AD
618 – 907 AD
618 – 907 AD Shaanxi China, on horseback ; China, a different view
11th century Catalonia, Spain11th century siren, Catalonia, Spain 11701170's horn or pipe? Germany 11741174 Germany
1220-12401220-1240 Italy (Sicily) 21v
13th century13th century Sicily, Italy
end 13th centuryend 13th century,
Teruel Cathedral, Spain
France, stone carvingFrance, stone carving
12891289 manuscript, England page 115
13001300 Ghent, Belgium
14th century14th century France,
14th century14th century Pan Italy 13841384 shepherd England 14th/15th century14th/15th century Pamplona, Spain
14081408 France
1410 Mercury1410-1414 Paris, France, Mercury playing double pipes
14th - 16th century Cyprus14th - 16th century Cyprus
1410-201410-20 player and Mercury 14181418 Paris, France 15th century15th century Germany?
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shepherd France1418-1425 shepherd
France f.85v
14301430 shepherd, Lyons, France copyright

14401440 shepherd for dancing, Belgium, perhaps Bruges

1415 Belgium1415-1449 shepherd Flanders, Belgium
c 1430c 1430 fool, Hague, Belgium
1450-601450-60 shepherd for dancing, Bruges, Belgium
15th centurylate 15th century Bruges, Belgium page xi
14th / 15th century14th / 15th century roof boss
Norwich Cathedral, Norfolk, England
15th century15th century Warwickshire

1450-1475 shepherd, Netherlands; close-up of pipes

15th century
15th century close-up of pipe;
15th century Mercury, Cognac, France; close-up of pipe
mid 15th century
mid 15rh century 15th century15th century Genoa, Italy
mid 15th century Mercury, England 42r ; close-up

1450-14751450-1475 Mercury, Auvergne, France

late 15th centurylate 15th century Paris, France page 175
Tarot card MercuryTarot card, Mercury
1450-14751450-1475 Troyes, France
15th century15th century misericord, Holy Trinity
Stratford-upon-Avon, England
15th century15th century England, Mercury 98v
1450-601450-60 Poitiers, France 15th century Denmark1454 to 1513 Denmark
14651465 Italy not a tarot card 'poetry' tarot card1470-80 Tarot card 'Poetry
14691469 shepherd, France
14701470 England 'The Fool' 14711471 jester's hood down, Germany 15h - 16th century15th/16th century
Bologna, Italy
Germany1480 house book from Wolfegg Castle, Germany, 14r 'Children of the sun'
14801480 Tournai or Lille, Belgium or France
14841484 Pan, Flemish, Bruges; also here 1488-911488-91
between 1492 and 1495  
between 1492 and 1495 France photo 16 ; close-up of pipe - 3-hole or recorder?
1494 1494 fresco, Vatican, Italy
14971497 manuscript, Flanders
14981498 Venice, Italy
15021502 Mercury, Germany 15031503 book decoration, Rouen, France f248v
15111511 female player, Tours, France
15111511 female player in a prayer book, France
1510-15271510-1527 engraving, Italy
15171517 Germany 15191519 tapestry Brussels, Belgium 15251525 Germany, painting
15351535 Germany
1540 Tournament book - copy of the original by Hans Burgkmair the Elder, Ausburg, Germany Plate 70
c.1570c.1570 painting, Flemish pipe player1570 fool playing a pipe from
Feast of Fools
16th century16th century mythological
Nuremberg, Germany
15701570 mythological painting Netherlands / England
16001600 Belgium 16031603 Augsburg, Germany
16101610 Spain
16141614 Netherlands
MadridRoyal Palace of Madrid, Spain 1600-1625 Italy1600-1625 Italy, putti on cloud 1630's1630's marble, playing for dancing boys, Flemish, Belgium
16381638 Italy painting (detail)
16381638 Mercury, Antwerp, Belgium (Flemish)
1640's1640's Mercury, Antwerp, Belgium
16501650 Antwerp, Belgium 1660-16901660-1690 Netherlands
17th century17th century anon

17351735 ceramic plate, Italy

1750's 1750's France, The Wallace Collection
1700-1725 embroidered picture with Maypole scene, UK; close-up
17381738 allegory, Netherlands 1750-18001750-1800 snuff box side, Germany
putti1753 Helmstädt, Germany
book frontispiece
17671767 pattern book, France
17701770 France
17751775 Germany
17801780 France
17891789 Austria
17911791 London, England
Meissen 27231743 Meissen 2723 MeissenShepherdess MeissenShepherdess MeissenShepherdess
Meissen copy 19th century19th century Meissen copy Meissen19th century copy Meissencopy  
early 19th centuryearly 19th century, plate, Russia 19th century19th century painting France early 19th centuryearly 19th century France Goose from The Delightful Game of the Goose
18191819 allegorical print, France 18201820 inkstand, Paris, France
19th century19th century figurine
1841 England: Concert of the Alpine Singers at the Assembly Rooms:1841Norwich Mercury - Saturday 22 May 1841
1840's - 60's1840's-60's music cover, France
18761876 Russian Federation
18841884 painting, England
19th century19th century Holland
18881888 Belgium ‘Fantastic Musicians’ 18971897 siren in Thomas Bulfinch, ‘The Age of Fable’ Philadelphia, USA
page 303
18981898 Cyprus
1900 France1900 'dancing faun' Luxemburg Gardens
Paris, France
19001900 child with pipe and hobby-horse by Hans Boesch, Germany 19301930 faun sitting on goat, England
19371937 book illustration, France Indiasource India (double pipe) Apache|North America, Apache player
20th century20th century statuette by George Carlson USA   buttonbutton, USA, date unknown
unknownmodern interior design; Chinoiserie 20232023 Basque Country, part of a band

Bel, Daniel and the Dragon

a series of images illustrating a statue of the god Bel in a Greek apocryphal addition to the book of Daniel, reprinted
in various European editions of 'Speculum Humanae Salvationis'. Food (on animal bone) and drink of earlier editions
become bread held in one hand and a one-handed pipe with finger-holes in the other.

1360c. 1360 Westphalia, Germany
between 1350 and 1400between 1350 and 1400
Nuremberg, Germany
14th century14th century stained glass Church of St Etienne Mulhouse, France  
13901390 Belgium 16v
14501450 France 17v unknown dateunknown 15th century15th century Germany
14551455 Bruges, Belgium 14621462 Mons, Belgium 1470's1470's church fresco Uppland, Sweden 14871487 church fresco
Uppland, Sweden
15th century15th century England
1500c. 1500 Ghent or Bruges, Belgium 14v      
Dance of Death
Ausburger15th century Augsburger, Bavaria, Germany player[unknown]
EmperorThe Emperor
Wellcome Library, London 
1617 young man1617 The Young man 17th century17th century Berne, Switzerland
(search dance)
Salzbergen, Germany Tyrol Austria1830 Martinskapelle (chapel of Saint Martin), Elbigenalp, Tyrol, Austria 1825 young man1825-1851 The Young Man
18521852 copies of one-handed pipes, page 371, in:

‘The dances of the dead, dissertations and historical, philosophical, literary and musical research on the various monuments of this genre which
exist or which have existed both in France and abroad… and a series of plates representing subjects taken from ancient dances of the dead from
the 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, most of them published in France for the first time, with the figures of musical instruments they contain ,
as well as other figures of instruments from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance,’ by Georges Kastner [Texto impreso]


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