the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

Ireland history

Republic of Ireland

early medievalearly medieval triple pipes
from the Cross of the Scriptures
Clonmacnoise, County Offaly
Richard Sermon has written about a
12th century tabor pipe found in Waterford.
1761 “At the Theatre Royal, Dublin, in a tragedy called The Fair Penitent” it advertised:
Tabor and Pipe Mr Messink”

Dublin Courier - Monday 09 February 1761

17621762Dublin Courier - Wednesday 16 June 1762

1776 'An Account of the Masquerade at the Mustc-hall, in Fishamble Street on Friday, April 19.'

“…Sweetly soft in Lydian measure ; whilst the rural dance in a third, had its necessary
accompaniment of the rural pipe and tabor…”

‘The Hibernian Magazine, or Compendium of Entertaining Knowledge’

1780 ' An Irish Fortune Hunter's Wedding', a satire 1780

1782 story

“…On this green, behold a large pavillion; I told you of the band that struck up on our arrival;
I thought to have seen the musicians in proper form, laying their heads together for our amusement;
instead of which, Anna's fancy had disposed of a pipe and tabor in a mulberry tree, a violin
behind some laurentines, in short, every instrument dispersed in the same manner…”

'Anna: a sentimental novel. In a series of letters. In two volumes. ... '1782: Vol 1

1792 farce

“…Bel. Lord, Frank, what's come to you ?
Frank. Money and long separated friends have a joyful meeting; prepare the saloon-bell, we will have a ball.
Nan. Air the balloon, for master's going to play ball.
Frank. And lay supper, then let Napkin send for a pipe and tabor, for a dance we must have, lol, lol, lol….”

'Modern Antiques, or, The Merry Mourners. A farce, in two acts, As performed at the Theatre-Royal, Smoke-Alley:' by O'Keeffe, John, page 27

1813 A grand Ball at Mount Shannon for the Earl of Clare's birthday:1813Limerick Advertiser as quoted in the Pilot (London) - Monday 13 September 1813
1822 ball in County Tipperary:1822Saunders's News-Letter - Wednesday 11 December 1822
1832 1832Clonmel Herald - Saturday 17 November 1832
1845 ‘Reception of Lieut Stoddert on his Return Home from India’ in Dublin: 1845Freeman's Journal - Wednesday 19 March 1845
1846 ‘Public Rejoicings at Longfield’, Dublin 1846The Pilot - Monday 21 September 1846

1855 Epilogue spoken at the meeting of the Philo Thespian Society in Dublin, ended:1855The Advocate: or, Irish Industrial Journal - Saturday 07 July 1855

1855 in Lismore, County Waterford 1855Waterford Mail - Tuesday 25 September 1855
1858 story: The Little Black Box, chapter 10'18581858Westmeath Independent - Saturday 20 March 1858
1876 story: ‘The Covenanter’s Marriage Day’1876Longford Journal - Saturday 09 September 1876
masquerade party

1780 Dublin: “The number of masques was very great .... from the vast variety that appeared we have selected the following, viz-:1780Dublin Evening Post - Saturday 22 April 1780

1780 The Subscription Masquerade given at the Lying-In Hospital, Rotunda and Gardens, Great Britain Street, Dublin:

included a masked “Spirit who performed well on the pipe and tabor, Mr Austen”
Dublin Evening Post - Thursday 08 June 1780


1780 Description of a painting by Sir Joshua Carmine: 17801780Dublin Evening Post - Thursday 08 June 1780

1788 poem ‘The Rustic Festival.’—by W. Hamilton Reid

“…With artless glee some deftly shift their feet,
In measur'd pace to pipe and tabor sweet ;…”

Walker's Hibernian Magazine, Or, Compendium of Entertaining Knowledge 1788-11: Vol 17

pandean pipes
1805 Advertisement in Dublin newspaper: 1805Saunders's News-Letter - Tuesday 12 March 1805

1808 Advertisement in Dublin newspaper: 1808Hibernian Journal; or, Chronicle of Liberty - Friday 01 July 1808

18281828Dublin Morning Register - Tuesday 30 September 1828
unknownstreet entertainer, by Mulready
(1786 - 1863), painting date not known
1892pandean pipes and puppet
show in Dublin 1892
local events

1780 masquerade

‘An Account of the Masquerade, given by the Gentlemen of Daly's Club on Tuesday the 6th of June.’
“…Mr. Austin, supported with great spirit, and performed well on the pipe and tabor….”

The Hibernian Magazine, or Compendium of entertaining knowledge

1817 at Dunleary Harbour at the ceremony of laying the first stone:
“Booths and tents were erected for the public accommodation, wherein the sprightly pipe and tabor invited to merriment”
Dublin Evening Post - Tuesday 03 June 1817

1840 County Limerick processions celebrating the win of fishermen in London: ‘The Victorious Fishermen’1840Limerick Reporter - Tuesday 23 June 1840
1843 essay entitled ‘Great Cities’published in County Westmeath:1843Westmeath Guardian and Longford News-Letter - Thursday 09 March 1843
1846 ‘Plea for the Public Opinion of Ireland’1846The Pilot - Friday 14 August 1846
1855 County Sligo newspaper: 1855Sligo Independent - Wednesday 05 December 1855

? 1387 " And they Scotlond the douzter of Irlond use harpe, tymbre, and tabour,
[and wales useth harpe and pipe and tabour]."

Dictionary of Middle English Musical Terms

1706 play ‘The Recruiting Officer’ by George Farquhar


1786 comic opera ‘The Agreeable Surprise’

“Sir Fel. There there, get you gone all to the lawn, and be as merry as good 'cheer, strong beer,
and the pipe and tabour can make you….”

‘A volume of plays, as they are acted at the Theatre, Smoke-Alley, Dublin.’


“… Besides, the TABOUR was always a favourite instrument amongst the Irish, of which the Flute,
or an instrument of the same species, has ever been the associate….”

‘Historical memoirs of the Irish bards. Interspersed with anecdotes of, and occasional observations on the music of Ireland. Also, an historical and descriptive account of the musical instruments of the ancient Irish’.... by Joseph C. Walker, ... 1786

1798 political essay

“…But the cautious tranquillizing plan which I have been recommending would not perhaps have
answered all the purposes of the Whig Club,… it would not have been instead of a show-man’s
pipe and tabor to give notice to the mob of their entertainment for the evening….”

‘Essays on the political circumstances of Ireland : written during the administration of Earl Camden : with an appendix
containing thoughts on the will of the people and a postscript, now first published’ by Knox, Alexander

1827 ‘Sylvia, or the May Queen; a Lyrical Drama.’ by George Darley, ACT III.Scene I.

“…Then around you we 'll dance, and around you we 'll sing!
To soft pipe, and sweet tabor we 'll foot it away!
And the hills, and the vales, and the forests shall ring
While we hail you our lovely young Queen of the May!...”

1845 poem ‘criticism on Mr. Kenealv's new work  Brallaghan or the Deipnosophists’1845Cork Examiner - Friday 14 March 1845
1848 ‘A Voice of Encouragement A New Year’s Lay’1848Dublin Weekly Nation - Saturday 01 January 1848

“…I am inclined to believe that the playwriting divine was identical with 'the "Rev. Mr. Sterling" who was rector
of Lurgan in county Cavan in 1752…I fear he is likely to be confused in the future with Orange Sterling, a Dublin
gentleman of rank and fashion, and an accomplished player of a great variety of musical instruments. O'Keeffe,
who has preserved his memory from oblivion, tells us that Orange Sterling taught him to play the pipe and tabour….”

W. J. LAWRENCE, in ‘Notes and queries A Medium of Communication FOR LITERARY MEN, GENERAL READERS, ETC’

1854 poem ‘Young and Old’: 1854Dublin Weekly Nation - Saturday 22 April 1854
1856 a love poem ‘Celebrated Women No. 3 Fair Rosamund’: 1856Commercial Journal - Saturday 19 July 1856 [Dublin]
1859 story: 1859Cork Daily Herald - Friday 30 September 1859
1862 poem ‘The O’Lincon Family’1862Southern Reporter and Cork Commercial Courier - Friday 19 September 1862
18701870Limerick Reporter - Tuesday 28 June 1870
1891 Christmas poem: 1891Dundalk Herald - Saturday 26 December 1891 [County Louth]
1895 ‘The Black Arrow or The Outlaws of Tunstall Forest by Robert Louis Stevenson’1895Flag of Ireland - Saturday 23 March 1895 [Dublin]
rural idyll

1846 newspaper commentary 1846Roscommon Journal, and Western Impartial Reporter - Saturday 26 September 1846

1857 'Anticipation of Spring'1857Longford Journal - Saturday 07 February 1857
18821882Freeman's Journal - Monday 01 May 1882 [Dublin]
1893 newspaper article ‘Vanished Street Shows’:1893Dublin Daily Express - Tuesday 17 October 1893
political comment
18541854Warder and Dublin Weekly Mail - Saturday 11 November 1854
In April 1805 pandean minstrels appeared in Dublin for a series of concerts after plays were performed.
1855 report on 'Mr Julienne’s Concerts' in County Cork: 1855Cork Examiner - Friday 02 March 1855
1858 ‘A Winter Nights Wake’ in Dublin: 1858Saunders's News-Letter - Saturday 10 April 1858

1915 'Ireland’s Oldest Band'
"It is very difficult to accurately give the date of the formation of St James’s Band. ...” at least to 1733. 
“The word was originally applied to 24 violinists. Later, with the addition of the pipe, tabor and lute,
we were presented with something approaching the modern orchestra”

Dublin Evening Telegraph - Saturday 03 July 1915

folk events

1873 Jack in the Green

“…But “ Jack-in-the-Green ” days are fast dwindling —even now he is seldom to be seen in public
thoroughfares, but lurks about in secluded parts of the Metropolis some, cul de sac, uninvaded by the
policeman’s eye….”

Dublin University Magazine 1873-05: Vol 81 Iss 485

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