the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

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Europe history: street entertainers

dancing bear

13th century France13th century France
12801280 - 1290 France
1338-1344 Flanders, Belgium

1796 a Masquerade Ball was held at “Orchardley-House, near Frome, (England) at which near 200 persons were present, dressed in various fancy characters ....The principal characters were, a Dancing Bear, led by his Keeper playing on the tabor and pipe;”

Ipswich Journal - Saturday 24 December 1796

1794 England
early 19thc
1808 1808Leeds Intelligencer - Monday 25 January 1808  
1812 Grand Masquerade at Vauxhall, London 1812Star (London) - Tuesday 21 July 1812  
1822 England

dancing bear 1828 England

Victorian1823 satire - 'Gentleman Dancing Master' 18241824 Germany  
18281828 London

dancing bear 1831 England

dancing bear 1839 with pandean pipesVictorian, with pandean pipes Hollandearly 19th century, Holland
Crimean War1850's England 1870 Russia1870 Russia [NYPL] Victorian dance musicVictorian dance music cover 'The Bear's Dance'
1838 ‘Cloaks versus Great Coats’1838Planet - Sunday 11 March 1838  
1845 ‘A Bear Steak’ 1845Hogg’s Weekly Instructor quoted Monday 15 December 1845  
1846 as a metaphor: 1846Monmouthshire Beacon - Saturday 07 November 1846  

Brother Bruin by Christina Rossetti (1830-1894)
A dancing Bear grotesque and funny
Earned for his master heaps of money,
Gruff yet good-natured, fond of honey,
And cheerful if the day was sunny.
Past hedge and ditch, past pond and wood
He tramped, and on some common stood;
There, cottage children circling gaily,
He in their midmost footed daily.
Pandean pipes and drum and muzzle
Were quite enough his brain to puzzle: ...

1872 bear training - [not for the sensitive and animal lovers ] 1872 bear training  
dacning bear, SpainSpain Victorian illustrationVictorian children's illustration, France  
1876 A dancing bear is often used to portray Russia:1876Broad Arrow - Saturday 15 January 1876
bear player20th century, USA
dancing bear20th century England dancing bear20th century England

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