the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

pipe and tabor players as
architectural features in the UK


architectural features

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mid 14th centurymid 14th century Ampleforth Abbey, Yorkshire North Riding Ancaster Lincolnshire unknownBeauchamp Chapel Warwickshire
early 1450's
Beverley Minster BeverleyBeverley Minster, misericord 1309-13491309-1349 Beverley Minster double pipe ,
stone carving 2
minstrels pillar St Mary's Church, Beverley

The minstrel is wearing the badge of the town waites. The pipe is now broken off,
leaving only the tabor of the pipe-and-tabor combination, but a drawing by
Caroline Brereton, dated 1866 (now in the local Museum), shows the pipe in place.
It was still there in 1894, when R. C. Hope read his paper 'Notes on the Minstrels' Pillar,
St. Mary's Church, Beverley' to the East Riding Antiquarian Society.

English bowed instruments from Anglo-Saxon to Tudor times' by Remnant, Mary 1986

Bloxham Oxfordshire 14th centuryBrant Broughton, Lincolnshire, 14th century 14th centuryBrant Broughton, Lincolnshire, 14th century  
14th century14th century Bristol Cathedral, pipe missing
"When they learn Reynard is to be hanged Isegrin the wolf and Bruin the [muzzled] bear dance for joy." source
Carlisle Cathedral Caster ChurchCaster Church, Peterborough  
Chichester Cathedral 15251525 stained glass, Cholmondeley Castle, Cheshire  

Cirencester, St John's Church:

“early sixteenth century gargoyles above the nave clerestory, a remarkable series which are supposed to depict the revels attendant on a " Whitsun Ale."' One figure bears the legend " BE MERRIE," while others are represented playing musical instruments of the period, prominent amongst which are hunting horns, a double recorder, a double shawm, a bag-pipe, tabor and pipe, rebec, lute, portable organ, hurdy-gurdy, and a very rare example of the eunuch flute.”

[Ed These are now said to be so eroded that the instruments cannot now be deciphered.]

'Ancient Cotswold churches. Illustrated with pen-and-ink drawings and the author's photographs' by Cecily Daubeny

16th centuryearly 16th century Cirencester
14thc Cogges,Cogges Oxfordshire The Eden Project

1338–1348 Ely Cathedral

Exeter Cathedral Gloucester Cathedral 2Gloucester Cathedral 2 Gloucester
Cathedral 1
Gawsworth Cheshire

15th centuryGreat Malvern Priory Church Worcestershire


14th century Holdenby, Northamptonshire, broken pipe, 14th century 14th centuryHoldenby close-up of angel's hands
Higham Ferrers
1418 Holy Trinity Hull1418 Holy Trinity Hull
[pipe missing]
Lichfield Cathedral
Lincoln Cathedral
St WendredaMarch, Cambridgeshire, St Wendreda
New College, Oxford Norfolkfrom a Norfolk church, now in Cecil Sharp House, London
Photo credit: English Folk Dance and Song Society
Christ ~Church Cathedral stained glass window1320 Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, Becket window Raunds Northamptonshire
BramleySt James Church, Bramley, Hampshire 1320St William's Shrine
in Yorkshire Museum
Shrewsbury, St Mary the Virgin
Scotland, Rosslyn Chapel Tewkesbury Abbey Gloucestershire Tewkesbury bossTewkesbury boss on floor WarehamWarham, Norfolk

1507Wells Cathedral
Somerset 1507

Westminster AbbeyWestminster Abbey, London 1512
1731171311731The Gentleman's Magazin,e London)
player, YorkYork St William's Shrine
15th century15th century Zouche Chapel
York Minster
reported in 1872 in a talk on York Minster windows: newspaper cuttingYork Herald - Saturday 06 January 1872
also see the work done by Gillian Guest here
  possible three-hole pipe    
Adderbury, Oxfordshire


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