the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

England Decorative Arts

interior design

household items
leather boxleather box base
leather box taborerthe taborer
mug design1792 original caricature
mugmug 1800 with "A French family" design
V&A Museum
1770's1770 vase taborer 1770'svase 1770
V&A Museum

wall decoration

16th century16th century Bramall Hall, Greater Manchester,wall painting "the 'heavenly' musicians...playing a euphonic stringed instrument, contrasted with the monkey near the floor, playing a raucous pipe and tabor for two rats; this is the music of the 'high' versus the 'low'"  

mmplaster panel in the Great Hall, Montacute House, Somerset
The original owner of the house, a 17th century magistrate,
had this plasterwork panel illustrating the 'Stang Ride' placed
in his Great Hall where he entertained important visitors.
(more images here)

15th century wood carvingTudor Abington Manor, Northamptonshire, wood panel (more images here)

mm18th century
Wentworth Castle painting
1770ceramic tile 1770, Liverpool
British Museum

wall panelwall stucco decoration 18th c.
private house, Gloucestershire

1753wall stucco 1753
Christ Church Library, Oxford

1768around 1768 decorative wall panel,
Waddeson Manor, Buckinghamshire
painted glass
18801880 painted glass panel

Betley Window1550-1621 Betley window  
18th century18th century automata musical bracket clock: each musician with an articulated arm. London
18th centuryclock face player  

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