the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

World associated pipes

horn and tabor

Many of the earliest images show the horn and tabor: a horn is generally played with the hand underneath holding the horn up.

ByzantineByzantium 11th century11th century, stone carving Cambodia 11301130 St Albans, England
1200 horn and bell1200-1225 horn and bell
East Midlands, England
1325-1350 horn and bell
Cologne, Germany
12501250 Funerary stone monument France
Italy1250-1275 Italy 211v

13th century Turkey13th century Aksaray or Kayser, Turkey

12871287 Padua Italy 204v
1290-13101290-1310 a devil plays horn and drum, Lorraine, France 018r
© Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

1290-13101290-1310 Lorraine, France 165r trumpet and tabor
© Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

after 1280after 1280, Library Portal, Rouen Cathedral, France 13th century France13th century, a devil / fool plays horn and drum France
14181418 Paris, France 175r

15th century double horn15th century double horn Switzerland
[Ed there are many manuscripts etc with
a similar image]

14951517 a devil plays horn and drum
Bern Minster, Switzerland
15691569 England 16851685 Spain on mythical Tarasca 1675-16991675-1699 ecclesiastical embroidery, Bavaria, Germany  
17291729 Germany
17451745 playing for a wedding dance, indigenous inhabitants, Argentina / Chile
18211821 caricature of Rossini, France 18481848 France 18501850 Puck from 'A Midsummer Night's Dream', Scotland
18601860 France
1860-18881860-1888 'Alphabet Masquerade' France; also here 1875
1842-18871842-1887 caricature, Netherlands
18571857 'Childhood Alphabet' France
© Musée de l’Image
1880's1880's France
© Musée de l’Image
18751875 'Famous Imaginary Characters - Pierrot' France © Musée de l’Image between1880and1887between 1880 and 1887 France
© Musée de l’Image
19011901 Denmark 19381938 parade, Los Angeles, USA 19571957
20062006 horn and tabor in a parade
Bolivia page 48
2019 Manchester
2019 Manchester
2019 Manchester, England
horn and harp medievalmedieval stone carving
horn and harp, Auvergne, France
  More details of horn and tabor images here in a paper

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