the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

the pipe and tabor in the 20th/21st century

iconography and
the Pipe and Tabor seen in Public
played by members of The Taborers Society
under construction

by frances

There were revivals in the early and latter half of the 20th century in both early music and folk music. These are some examples of the types of events that members of The Taborers Society attended in late 20th and early 21st. centuries.

Joan Sharpe on the pipe and tabor playing folk dance / morris dance music.

20thc copy
Gosburton Church, Lincolnshire
bell1949 Thaxted, Essex    


at Bignor Weed and Wildflower Festiva
Gillian and Rob at Ely Eel Day
Gillian at Banbury Hobby Horse Festival
Andy playing for a mummers play
Chris T at Beverley Victorian Christmas Market
Frances E playing for a concert
Gwylim and Steve playing for Morris dancing
Bill playing for a medieval banquet
Frances, the project manager, playing at historically-themed events (some examples)
Saxon for English Heritage
at medieval festival

traditional Straw Jack procession

at a crafts fair

Tower of London Festival

York medieval Mystery Plays
for historic dancing
at The British Museum
playing for historic dancing display, Hastings

street entertainment with dancing bear
after leading procession, Globe Theatre, Bankside
Elizabethan strolling minstrel
at art gallery
Elizabethan Court - private party in Jacobean mansion
17th century in a museum  
18thc at historic dockyard festival
18thc in outdoor buildings museum
18th century
18thc in outdoor buildings museum
Edwardian for the National Trust
19th century in outdoor buildings museum
Victorian street festival
You too can request a pipe and tabor player to add to the colour and sound of your event.
In the first instance contact the project manager, Frances, to discuss ideas.


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