the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

European decorative arts

interior design, textiles

canvaswork drummer
uknown origin
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Frernch tapestryearly 16th century tapestry: 'Music', Tournai, France 1500-15101500-1510 tapestry, Netherlands 1510-15201510-1520 tapestry, Netherlands
  1530-15501530-1550 tapestry, Tournai, Flemish (Belgium)  
c1770 fabricc1770 fabric print
c1770c.1770 fabric print player
1790 printed fabric 1790
France (.another image here )
1750to1800ChinesePanel18th century Panel with
Chinese decoration, France
sailors danceRecord 1790 printed fabric
Pipe and tabor player for two male youth dancers. (Full textile design here)
Frederick R. Selch Collection of American Music History
Inventory of Series 2: Visual Materials

1786 - 1800 southern Germany

Fabric: A bird on a pillar spews water into a vase filled with flowers, surrounded by stylized flowers. In between, a street musician plays with a one-handed flute and drum.

1800 possisble taborer, France 1800

printed fabric 1810-25
printed fabric 1825
copy of medieval tapestry

canvaswork embroidery
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silk brocade, France
tapestry 1785, possible three-hole pipe, France
18th century cushionsmid 18th century emboidered cushions embroidery mid 18th century
canvas-work, England
1840'stapestry possibly 1840's France  
unknown dateclose-up of embroidered bag central trophy Victorian embroidered bag
tapestry 1990's
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All pictures are copyright
Sources and locations are given where possible.
Other items are from auctions or the owner has stated that they prefer the location not to be made public.

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