the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

England: Over one century of the panpipes and tabor

Early to mid Victorian pandean pipes

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The majority are extracts from larger pictures and prints. Links to originals are given, where possible. If you have any more information on any of these images, or you are the copyright holder and I have not managed to get in touch with you, please do let me know.


gallery - early to mid Victorian

rats 'Music' 1830's 1830's cartoon by Grandville

1830's cartoon by Grandville
1830 for chimney sweeps
procession 1830
for a raree show 1832 with Punch and Judy 1834 1835 with stilt walkers 1835 at a fair 1835
a comic illustration 1836
with Jack in the Green 1830's poss
with Jack in the Green, late 1830's
with Mr Punch and Toby 1836
cartoon street band 1839 with Mr Punch 1837 part of a street band 1839 street minstrel 1838-42
with Punch, a political satire1841 front cover of Punch magazine
with a punch and judy show
street entertainer, Regent St, 1842
with Jack in the Green 1845 Punch and Judy
after 1845
by Smythe
with Punch and Judy 1846 street band 1848
with Jack-in-the-Green 1850 with Jack in the Green 1830-50 Punch and Judy date?
by Smythe
Punch and Judy date? by Smythe


street entertainer 1858
with Punch and Judy
before 1860

with puppet booth 1850-60

with Punch and Judy

18501850 newspaper  cuttingIllustrated London News - Saturday 30 March 1850
1851 Mayhew interviewed a street acrobat: 1851

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