the Pipe and Tabor compendium

the Pipe and Tabor compendium

essays on the three-hole pipe

World history: in bands 2

bands and orchestras

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15th century

in plays:

In a 17th century Masque (English court entertainment) " a pipe and tabor, a treble and two bass violins, two sackbuts,
a mandora and a tenor cornett appeared"

In the 18th century: At Drury Lane Theatre, London, there were 23 musicians employed to play in the orchestra as listed
in the treasurer’s books for the 1778–9 season ....  including one contrabassoon who also played the tabor and pipe.
There were generally between 20 and 30 musicians in the orchestra at this time. In 1789 additional instruments employed
by actor-manager Charles Kemble include the tabor and pipe, and trumpets.


for dancing:

15th century France15th century France 15411541 Netherlands  
16th century France16th century France 16th century France, band16th century France, band in tree
16th century Germany16th century Germany 17th century France17th century street band, France  
1774 France1774 Paris, France 1800 England1800 satire, England 1812 satire1812 satire, England
1748 England1815 satire, England 18251825 England

1825 Eaton House Ball England 1825Chester Chronicle - Friday 04 February 1825

1826 Jamaica1826 Jamaica, newspaper report

18571857 France ‘Fête du pont du Gard: L’orchestre’ 
(L’Illustration, June 6, 1857, p. 356).

19th/early 20th century France19th / 20th century France

other bands:

1325 musicians1325 manuscript Barcelona, Spain 61r 1452 Spain1452 Toledo Cathedral, Spain
1491 Dance of Death1491 Dance of Death France [more dance of death images here] angel band1598 angel band  
16th century Goldegg Castle, Salzburg, Austria 16th century
Basque Municipal band1905 Basque Municipal band, Spain
[more images here]
2021 Cobla Band2012 Cobla Band at bull-fighting arena Spain
[more images here]
2018 France2018 'Trencadit' France
2021 Portugal2021 ' Galandum Galundaina' Portugal
Frame'Frame' modern band

In South America, Mexico, the pipe and tabor are played for traditional dances along with a variety of percussion instruments:

MexicoYaqui Pascola, Mexico, South America

In countries that do morris dancing the pipe and tabor is occasionally part of the band:

Australia21st century Perth morris muscians, Australia

1970's morris musicians1970's morris musicians in Cambridge, England mid 20th century morrismid 20th century morris, England
In 1953 Kings College Morris Men of Newcastle gave a display in York. They were accompanied by pipe and tabor, violin and accordion.  
1975 Dolphin morris1975 Dolphin Morris, Nottinghamshire, England 2021 Dolphin Morris2021 Dolphin Morris, Nottinghamshire, England

Early Music:

25 countries have early music groups and orchestras. 
How many of these feature a pipe and tabor player?
Research to be carried out.

21st century Early Music21st century Early Music, Goffredo Degli Esposti (taborer), Italy

Doncaster WaitesDoncaster Waites, England:
[from the 15th century onwards the great majority of waits
were civic minstrels employed by corporations.]

2018 York Waits2018 York Waits, England

Margo Fontijne plays the pipe and tabor in the early music group
Ensemble Corona, based in Holland
in orchestra:
15161516 procession float, Germany 1516 player1516 player Germany
1745 France1745 France 1745 player1745 player
1745 France1745 orchestra having a break, France
17451745 France 1745 France - these image come from

'Public celebrations given by the city of Paris on the occasion of the Marriage of Monsignor the Dauphin'.

 1745 France diagram of an Orchestra playing for a royal celebration: " lower left: 2 oboes, 10 violins, pipe and tabor drum, 2 bassoons, violoncello, 3 double basses"

17451745 France
17451745 France
1753-80 ceramic monkey orchestra1753-1780 ceramic figures, monkey orchestra, Germany 18th century ceramic figure18th / 19th century similar ceramic figure
[more images here]

1785 England1785 satirical print, England

17851785 England, player  

Soloist infront of orchestra:

21st century21st century with brass band Luis Antonio Pedraza in Toro, Castilla y León, Spain

2021 2021 string drum with orchestra, Txirula soloist Arkaitz Ibarra, Basque country, Spain

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